What’s in a name?

Recently my natropath recommended I use this homeopathic medicine called “oscillococcinum”. Luckily I knew what she was referring to because I’ve seen it at the store many times. When I asked my husband to pick it up for me I had to say “You know, the one with the long O name and yellow stripes…”. If you are in the process of developing a name for your company or product, please read this! There is a lot to think about when choosing a name for your company or product.

This made me think of the importance of choosing a great name for your product or company. A name that is easy to remember and unique enough that it doesn’t get confused with other names. This is so important in marketing, particularly for word of mouth marketing. If your customer cannot remember (or pronounce) your name, how will they tell their friends?

In the marketing to Moms arena, I come across a lot of companies offering products for babies. Many have names that are similar and try as I might, I get them mixed up from time to time. Very embarrassing! Do your homework and look at the existing companies and products out there and BE DIFFERENT!

Lastly, if you are choosing a name that does not have an obvious meaning, make sure it has a good story behind it, because people will ask. Acronyms are tricky and usually leave your customers guessing.

When evaluating possible names, ask yourself:

  1. Is this name easy to pronounce?
  2. Is this name unique?
  3. Is it memorable?
  4. Is it relevant to the product or company?
  5. Can I register the web domain name?

bugaboo strollers is a great example of a unique and catchy name. The name alone gets your attention.

If you need help developing a name, please contact Glow Marketing. We work with a variety of Calgary and Vancouver copywriters experienced in developing unique product and company names.