Glow Marketing is a Canadian boutique marketing consultancy specializing in marketing and digital strategy.

About Us

Glow Marketing is a Calgary-based boutique marketing consultancy specializing in bright ideas. We offer integrated marketing solutions for all sizes of clients, both locally and nationally. With an emphasis on digital, we strive to create effective marketing that gets results.

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Glow Marketing is a virtual consultancy. Our talented team are freelancers based mainly in Calgary, so we have the flexibility to choose the right person for the project, and keep our overhead low. Our current roster of super talented freelancers include:

  • Print and Web Designers
  • Writers
  • Web Developers & Digital Strategists

  • Audio & Multimedia Production
  • Project Managers
  • Public Relations Consultants

  • Media Planners & Buyers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Strategic Planners

Sharole Lawrence

Sharole Lawrence

Senior Marketing Consultant

Sharole Lawrence

Sharole Lawrence is a Calgary-based digital marketing consultant with Glow Marketing who is certified in Google Analytics and has a certificate in Digital Analytics from UBC. Sharole offers analytics consulting to small to medium businesses.

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"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere."


From the Blog

Remarketing, retargeting ads

Retargeting: Spooky or Spectacular?

You’ve probably noticed those online ads that follow you all over the Internet once you visit a website. Retargeting ads, or remarketing ads are a growing marketing trend that is hard to ignore.

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Fail Small, Win Big With Analytics

You’ve probably heard all of the clichés, “you can’t succeed unless you try!”.  Nothing is more true in business. Sure, we’d love to launch a new company or product and have it be a roaring success. But in reality, sometimes it fails, and if we’re smart, we’ll learn from it, dust ourselves off, regroup and kick some serious competitive butt.

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Fire Up Your Marketing!

It ain’t over yet…

With only a few months left in 2015, it’s time to fire up your marketing! Whether your business is thriving, or you’d consider just hitting last year’s numbers as success, put your marketing efforts into high gear to end 2015 with a bang. Cost conscious and tried and true marketing strategies, sprinkled with a few new ones, can help make the difference in these next few months.

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Leveraging Social Network Marketing for Your Business

Build vital connections with global online communities.

As advertisers scrutinize every marketing dollar in this economy, the popularity of social network marketing couldn’t have better timing. This budget friendly tactic can leverage your business marketability to a new level, but only if used strategically. Be an effective social network marketer by getting familiar with this type of communication and following a few dos and don’ts.

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What’s in a name?

Recently my natropath recommended I use this homeopathic medicine called “oscillococcinum”. Luckily I knew what she was referring to because I’ve seen it at the store many times. When I asked my husband to pick it up for me I had to say “You know, the one with the long O name and yellow stripes…”. If you are in the process of developing a name for your company or product, please read this! There is a lot to think about when choosing a name for your company or product.

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Effectively marketing your franchise

The Mompreneur Magazine By Sharole Lawrence, Glow Marketing

Attracting customers is a little easier when owning a franchise as a business thanks to marketing materials and brand awareness that head office often has already established. This competitive advantage also saves owners time and money on marketing, but it doesn’t mean that marketing ends with head office initiatives. The wise franchisee will go beyond head office marketing materials and campaigns to expand their local customer base and increase their chances of success. Read the full article published in the March/April issue of The MOMpreneur Magazine

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